Software Architect, developing web apps on .Net, specially ASP.NET MVC Core, web apps as well as webapis. Specialised in Cloud development on Azure, and developing corporate WCMS applications, using Sitecore, Kentico or Umbraco systems. Lately, responsible of delivering several Sitecore projects with SXA framework and MS Dynamics CRM synchronization features. DevOps Engineer, setup CI/CD environments with Azure DevOps Build & Release pipelines.

Feeling more comfortable working in the backend: CRUD, DTO, DAL, UML models, Code generation and server & DB architectures, mainly focused on Microsoft technologies (C#, SQL Server), but enthusiast about learning other new technologies.

Currently, learning new things everyday in the Sitecore universe.

Top technologies

.net .net core c# core core webapps and apis sitecore umbraco sql sql-server visual studio svn git windows azure Azure DevOps Docker varnish cloudflare newrelic teamcity bootstrap responsive web wordpress WPO page speed yslow elearning scorm open badges

Senior Sitecore 9.1 Certified developer.

I've been developing web applications since 2000, mainly with Microsoft technologies (ASP classic, ASP.Net Web Forms and ASP.Net MVC and ASP.Net MVC Core) with dabase support from SQL Server 2000.

Currently, developing corporate websites with Sitecore CMS.

Project Management. Management of development teams in web development area.

Web applications analysis and specification:

  • Features
  • Frontend architecture
  • Backend architecture

Development of web applications and Learning Management Systems based on e-learning standards (SCORM, OpenBadges)

Web servers (IIS) and Databases (SQL Server) admin.

Specialist in web applications optimization with WPO techniques (PageSpeed, YSlow, Cloudflare, Varnish).

development architecture: development work organization, through tools like Azure DevOps, Git, Continuous Integration server, code generation, unit testing, bug & time trackers, etc.

Cloud computing: Cloud servers administration with Azure.

Content management systems: Installation, configuration and optimization of WordPress.


  • Project Management
  • E-Learning applications development
  • Web applications
  • Applications architecture
  • Web applications optimization (WPO)
  • ASP.Net MVC Core applications
  • Code generations based on models
  • E-Learning
  • Open Badges
  • Sitecore

Kabel Sistemas de Información S.L.
March, 2020 - Nowadays


  • Sitecore Architect
  • Developing Webapis with ASP.Net Core and Microservices architecture

ClearPeople Ltd.
May, 2014 - February, 2020


  • Senior .Net developer: Sitecore

IT Systems & Architecture

  • Windows Azure: Windows Azure: responsible of projects cloud infrastructure
    • Virtual Machines
    • Web Sites
    • Cloud Services

Estrato Media S.L.
September, 2012 - October, 2013

Project Management

  • Analysis, planning and task management for projects development.
  • New projects proposals and estimates.

IT Systems & Architecture

  • Windows Azure: Windows Azure: responsible of company cloud infrastructure
    • Virtual Machines
    • Web Sites
    • Backup Server
    • And growing up...


  • IIS configuration and maintenance.
  • SQL Server installation, configuration and maintenance in a dedicated instance.
  • NewRelic agent installation, configuration and maintenance, for websites live monitoring.
  • Varnish Cache installation, configuration and maintenance, for projects sites acceleration, like the corporate website:
  • Cloudflare configuration and maintenance for several domains.
  • CMS: WordPress installation, configuration, maintenance and optimization..

Development Architecture
Creation, maintenance and setup of infrastructure needs for project development:

  • Dedicated Virtual Machine for development at Windows Azure.
  • TeamCity as Continuous Integration Server.
  • VisualSVN as Version Control System (SVN).
  • FileZilla Server as FTP server.


  • Senior backend developer: C# + SQL Server
    • Data access libraries implementation and maintenance.
  • Senior frontend developer: ASP.NET MVC 4
    • Frontend modules implementation.

Department of Software and Computing Systems. University of Alicante
January 2000 – March 2012

Project Management

  • Analyst, planning and task management for projects development

  • Responsible of development team (up to 6 people), mainly focused on eLearning and development of Learning Management Systems.

Development Architecture

  • Responsible of defining and applying the development methodologies, based on Version Control Systems (Like CVS, SVN and Git), Continuous Integration services, bug trackers, and online tools for task management and time tracking.


  • Analysis and design of web applications architecture, based on designs patterns, like CRUD, Dependency Injection, DTO, DAL, etc.

  • Developed a code generation engine, based on T4 templates and UML models and stereotypes, capable of generating the whole backend model (DAL, Business, DTO) from a class diagram to the working CRUD, including Stored procedures and test methods.

  • Developed MVC 3 scaffolding templates to implement the frontend layer (model, views and controller) for a concrete model implementing the default CRUD.

  • Senior backend developer: C#, SQL Server

  • Senior frontend developer: ASP.NET MVC 4, ASP.NET WebAPI

Universidad de Alicante

September, 1995 - June, 2001

    • Spanish
    • Mother tongue
    • Catalan
    • Mother tongue
    • Certificat Oficial de Coneixements de Valencià. Grau Mitjà December, 1994
    • English
    • First Certificate in English, Cambridge University December, 1996
    • Certified for Advanced Level in English. Official Languages School September, 1995
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CAST Highlight - Foundation Certification

December 2020

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Azure Fundamentals AZ-900

Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals AZ-900

November 2020

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Sitecore 9.1 Certified developer

April 2019

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Kentico 9 Certified Developer

April 2016

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Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems

March 2014

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Sergi Gisbert

Sergi Gisbert Sitecore Architect

Developer by vocation, father by devotion and amateur chef. I even practice some sport in my spare time, mainly tennis, and run away to the mountains for skiing whenever I can.

I enjoy doing things the right way, and get excited with every byte or ms I get cut from websites, applying WPO techniques.

Currently, Sitecore Architect at Kabel.